1. ISEMPORT and the Institute of Business and Humanism of the University of Navarra have formalized a collaboration agreement regarding advice and exchange of information with a dual purpose: The Instituto de Empresa y Humanismo advises ISEMPORT on the humanistic training that it will impart in its courses, in order to offer quality training that allows its assistants to develop their full potential and cause a positive impact on their life, on their organization. and in the environment that surrounds them. ISEMPORT and the Instituto Empresa y Humanismo will collaborate in the creation of a “Think Tank” for research on the implications that an increasingly complex society has for work, in which information technologies condition new ways of understanding work and labor relations. The objective is to prepare both organizations and their workers to successfully face the new challenges they are already facing so that they are adequately prepared to make decisions that are increasingly fair and committed to growth, not only of their company, but of the social and economic fabric that surrounds them.

2. ISEMPORT and the Navarra Industrial Foundation have formalized a collaboration agreement aimed at the joint organization of training, orientation, advice and tutoring services in those courses that the former develops linked to the activity sector and knowledge of the latter, such as adaptation of existing courses to the needs of the maritime and port sector, design and production of new courses or distribution and management of online courses from the educational platforms of the Fundación Industrial Navarra.

3. ISEMPORT has a collaboration agreement with ROXU GRUPO, through its Training School specialized in practical face-to-face training in seaports in Spain. With this agreement, a high quality practical port training is guaranteed, and taught by true professionals. It also has national and international accreditations in safety and handling of machinery.