The Higher Institute of Maritime and Port Studies (ISEMPORT) is a leading training center in Spain in all areas of knowledge related to maritime and port activity. 

People is first; We believe that they are the most valuable element available to the maritime-port organizations that we address and, for this reason, we focus our efforts on offering them quality training that allows them to develop their full potential and causes a positive impact on their life, in their organization and in the environment that surrounds them. To achieve this objective, ISEMPORT has the advice of the University of Navarra in the design and configuration of humanistic training, which is the basis for the differentiation of our courses and masters. In an increasingly complex society, in which information technologies condition new ways of understanding work, labor relations, markets and international trade, it is necessary to prepare both organizations and their workers to successfully face the challenges. new challenges that they are already facing, so that they are adequately prepared to make decisions that are increasingly fair and committed to the growth, not only of their company, but of the social and economic fabric that surrounds it.


  • Duración : 500 horas | 50 horas presenciales
  • Modalidad : Elearning + presencial
  • Fecha de comienzo : Noviembre 2022
  • Fecha de finalización :  Enero 2023

Tel. Información  984 200 347


  • Duración : 110 horas | 15 horas presenciales
  • Modalidad : Elearning + presencial
  • Fecha de comienzo : Junio 2023
  • Fecha de finalización : Octubre 2023

Tel. Información  984 200 347